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Aruba Tourism Authority and Aruba Airport Authority meet with JetBlue Airlines!

Aruba Tourism Authority and Aruba Airport Authority meet with JetBlue Airlines!

On Monday, Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A) reunited with JetBlue Airways to reinforce the good team work and connection with the airline. JetBlue is an extremely imporant partner for Aruba, as the second largest airline carrier, and the number one in bringing tourists to Aruba, if we look at the results from the first half of 2023. JetBlue has brought a total of 140,808 visitors to our island in this period.

Jet Blue operates flights from the major airports; JFK, Newark, and Logan Airport in Boston. Travelers can enjoy flights with the A321Neo which offers premium “Mint” service on flights to Aruba.

To demonstrate the importance of JetBlue, one could see that in the month of July the airline offered a total of 37 weekly flights which include 14 from Boston, 22 from JFK, and 1 from Newark.

The meeting was attended by Jo-Anne Meaux Arends – Business Development Executive (AAA), Joanne Trimon – Research & Development Officer (AAA), Ronella Croes – CEO (ATA), Sanu Luidens – CMO (ATA), Sjeidy Dijkhof-Feliciano – Area Director North America (ATA), and representative for JetBlue Andrew Uzenoff – Manager Route Planning, Eric Friedman – Director, Routeplanning, and Nicole Goveas – Manager Revenue Management.  

During this productive meeting, strategies were discussed in order to maintain the good collaboration which contributed to making Aruba an outstanding destination in the complete JetBlue portfolio. It was indicated that the demand continues to be outstanding compared to other destinations.

It was also discussed during the meeting the opportunity to work on certain topics for the future, plans to continue to increase the amount of travelers to Aruba and also how to improve the travel experience for visitors.

During high season, which starts mid-November to end of March each year, it is projected that the seat capacity will increase from 6 daily flights to 9 daily flights. Details have yet to be confirmed, however this fact reaffirms the commitment of JetBlue to Aruba. It was also confirmed that during this same period flights will operate with the premium “Mint’ service from the JFK market.

Aruba is extremely important to JetBlue as well, if one looks at the example of July 2023, Aruba is the 5th destination with the most flights from JetBlue to the Caribbean (source: DIIO). This was also confirmed when Aruba was said to remain one of their top destinations in their Caribbean region and Latin America.

A.T.A y AAA sees the importance to maintain good communication and cooperation constantly with its partners in the tourism industry. Next to JetBlue, there are regular meetings with other major airlines important to our island such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airline, which forms part of the top 5 airlines from the American market.

Both A.T.A and AAA and JetBlue are enthusiastic to continue working together in order to continue growing in the industry of tourism in Aruba, promoting economic growth for our island.



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  1. Let’s hope less flights are cancelled now. I fly jet blue all the time to Aruba and I have been hearing about cancellations. Also, my flight was cancelled once to the next day and when I looked that same flight still took off. I had booked that flight months in advance. Not fair. It only led me to believe that my seats were sold at a higher fare. Aside from that I haven’t had other problems and hope it stays that way .

  2. We always traveled on Jet Blue but since we moved to SC They stopped flights out Charlston to Fort Lauderdale. Now they want you to fly up to JFK and have a 10 hour layover. That is rediculous!!!! We have a lot of points to use and can’t use them. They should bring Jet Blue back to Myrtle Beach and have some decent flights to Aruba! Had to change our Airline to go to Aruba and so many people down here have done the same thing. BRING BACK JET BLUE.

    1. Hi Carol, we are in the exact same situation.. Have almost 200,000 points and can’t use them unless we fly to JFK or back to Boston.. spend the night in the airport and fly out the next morning.. Really sucks since they no longer fly out of Charleston to FLL and then Aruba..

  3. JetBlue should bring back direct flight from Ft Lauderdale FL. I’ve had to change airlines and fly north from Ft Myers FL to Charlotte NC to get to AUA. Does not make sense to fly north to get a flight to Aruba. Not a fan driving to Miami and prefer FT Lauderdale. Why is JetBlue only flying from the Northeast corridor?

  4. I hope Jet Blue reinstates the flights from Fort Lauderdale to Aruba. Having to fly up to NY and then to Aruba is totally ridiculous and very expensive. I now will be using other airlines to fly to Aruba,

  5. I like JetBlue but I don’t like having to connect at JFK. I live in Michigan. Why do I board the plane here then fly to NY to go to Aruba? Leave from NY, Boston first and fly to Michigan and on to Aruba. We flew from Aruba to JFK Satuday,July 15, 2023 and plane was delayed, delayed then cancelled. We did not leave until Monday July 17, 2023. Now I need another vacation. What a way to spoil my Aruba vacation.

  6. We love flying JetBlue
    Always professional
    Especially Aruba flights from Boston
    Planning on going in January can’t wait

  7. Why do I have to fly north to go south? What happened?? We
    used to drive to Fort Lauderdale, then fly from Fort Lauderdale to Aruba, and now it goes to Boston, or NY then to Aruba. Why??? I now have to go with another airline to go to Aruba. We really enjoyed our flight to Aruba. But now, to have to fly from Ft. Myers to Boston or NY to Aruba is just too long.

  8. I travel to Aruba every May I would hope Je Blue would start leaving out if Newark Airport. Last year had to leave out of JFK. This May cause me to fly a different airline this coming May

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