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Aruba Selected in Avianca’s New Campaign

Aruba Selected in Avianca’s New Campaign

Aruba Shines Bright in Avianca’s New Campaign.

Aruba, often hailed as a paradise for vacationers, continues to captivate the hearts of many with its stunning beaches and year-round perfect weather. The recent collaboration between travel agencies and companies like Avianca has only served to enhance Aruba’s allure, bringing it closer to those beyond our shores.

A recent captivating advertisement crafted by the airline has garnered attention, showcasing the beauty of Aruba’s beaches and its ideal climate throughout the year. Avianca’s choice to make Aruba the focal point of their brand repositioning campaign speaks volumes about the island’s stellar reputation as a premier tourist destination.

Eagle Beach, as one of the best in the Caribbean and the number 8 most beautiful in the world according to TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards, stands out prominently in the campaign. Other beaches like Baby Beach and Arashi, further highlight the island’s natural splendor.

Such promotion is a tremendous achievement for Aruba. “Seeing Aruba featured in Avianca’s various promotions fills us with pride, and we are honored that they chose Aruba for this production filled with beautiful portraits that truly showcase what this destination is all about,” expressed Jordan Schlipken, director of Aruba Tourism Authority for Latin America.

“For years, Colombia has served as South America’s hub, making it a strategic point to connect Latin America with Aruba. Avianca has significantly contributed to the growth of passengers from the region for over thirty years,” he added.

Avianca also had glowing words for Aruba. “At Avianca, we’ve always had confidence in the Caribbean, its beaches, and naturally, Aruba, where we currently operate over 10 weekly flights from Bogota, and soon, we’ll be flying from Medellin as well. That’s why we’ve leveraged the best of its beaches as part of our more than 75 destinations,” said Ana María Copete, Avianca’s Commercial Development Director.

Aruba’s beauty continues to shine brightly on the global stage, drawing visitors from far and wide, thanks to collaborations like these that showcase its unmatched charm and allure.



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