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Aruba One Happy Pass becomes a reality

Aruba One Happy Pass becomes a reality

Traveling with digital credentials facilates and improves the experience for traveling visitors from the moment they book, through sharing biometrics of a passenger.

ORANJESTAD- the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, announces the successful implementation of the pilot project Aruba One Happy Pass (HOP), a mobile app that conforms to the standards of One I.D. This app was created for travelers by a collaboration between Aruba Tourism Authority, Aruba Immagration, SITA, and Indicio. This app will offer travelers the option to fill out their immigration forms before they board their flights making use of biometrics. When a traveler succesfully fills out this digital form they will receive a “ready-to-fly” status before they board their flight to Aruba. 

The goal for Aruba HOP is to streamline and make the passport control process at the airport more efficient, reducing the opportunity to commit error, fraud, or identity fraud. This will result in less waiting time at the airport for travelers and will create a more pleasant experience for them to reach their destination faster. 

What makes the Aruba HOP project unique is that is complies with all privacy laws, offering travelers that use this app complete control over their personal data while also giving them an option of which data they choose to share. Meaning, there will be no thirds party that receives this confidential information, the passenger has full control. Aruba HOP will store the data received responsibly, conforming to all privacy requirements. 

This project went through a long and extensive testing phase before it became a reality, from 2021 when SITA and Indicia started using technology of digital credentials to manage Aruba Health App, facilitating the data of COVID testing and vaccinations. Aruba HOP gives passengers the opportunity to transform their passport into a digital ID, which can be authenticated automatically with the travelers permision. 

Minister Oduber always believed in innovation and has opted to make this a central part of the strategy of his vision and management. His goal is to continue to create collaboration in order to continue developing this project in all hospitality industries for more and more stakeholders to benefit from these innovations which can provide a better quality of service to tehir guests. The main objective of “the seamless travel experience” is to create a fully digitized travel experience which will make travel to and from Aruba easier. 



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