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Aruba Introduces $20 Sustainability Fee for Visitors Starting July 2024

Aruba Introduces $20 Sustainability Fee for Visitors Starting July 2024

New Sustainability Fee for Aruba Visitors Effective July 1, 2024

Starting July 1, 2024, visitors to Aruba will be required to pay a $20 sustainability fee per person when completing the Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED) card online. This initiative aims to support critical upgrades to the island’s wastewater treatment facilities and other sustainability projects.

Fee Details and Exemptions

  • Fee Amount: $20 per person, per visit.
  • Payment Method: The fee must be paid online via the ED card platform (https://edcardaruba.aw/).
  • Frequency: The fee is valid for one calendar year. Travelers will only need to pay the fee once per year, regardless of the number of visits within that year.
  • Exemptions:
  • Residents of Aruba
  • Children under 8 years of age
  • Travelers visiting for less than 24 hours
  • Aruban students studying abroad who can prove their enrollment in a foreign educational institution and have previously resided in Aruba for 8 years

Purpose of the Fee

The sustainability fee is introduced to fund various projects aimed at enhancing and improving sustainability on the island. The primary focus is on upgrading wastewater treatment facilities to ensure the preservation of Aruba’s natural resources and environment.

Implementation and Logistics

All visitors arriving by air will be required to complete the ED card online, where the sustainability fee will be automatically applied. The process is straightforward and integrated into the existing entry requirements for the island.

This new measure reflects Aruba’s commitment to maintaining its ecological integrity and ensuring a sustainable future for both residents and visitors. By contributing to these efforts, travelers can help preserve the island’s natural beauty and resources for generations to come.

For more information and to complete your ED card, please visit https://edcardaruba.aw/.



18 Responses

  1. What about those of us who own condos there? Not a timeshare but a condo or a house, are we exempt? We pay taxes there.

  2. All millions of visitors already contribute just being on the island by bringing their yearly savings to pay for all kind of services. Not to mention it’s not right to apply those fees to children.

    1. Aruba receives way less then a million people per year who would qualify for this fee (as locals and repeaters are exempt) . You say that its not right to apply those fees to children and our government agrees with you and only charges children 8 years and older

      1. Your ruining the only source of income that island has. With all the building going on which this island can’t handle workers wise meaning u would need to get workers from other parts not good. I am selling my units asap cannot stand to see a ruination of a once beautiful island

  3. How about stopping all the massive construction of hotels and resorts? Aruba is losing its trade winds and island feel because of all this unnecessary building!

  4. Paying $20 per person per year is nothing. If this will help this beautiful island, I am all for it. We own vacation club at Divi Phoenix and usually go twice a year. This will not deter us from spending time in Aruba. We could go to many different islands, but love Aruba and we will keep coming back.

    1. $20.00 is nothing. We go multiple times per year and will continue! There needs to be more conservation! Especially regarding the ATV’s!
      At least it’s a start!

  5. Ok so they say some portion goes to wastewater treatment plant. What is the plan for this? What is the timeline? What are they actually doing to fix this? What other sustainability initiatives is this fee to fund? You should be transparent about this. What happened to all the Covid fee $ that were collected from all the tourists? What about a plan to fix the sad animal situation on the island? Honestly I have no issue paying if I know where the money is being spent if for a good cause. I have no tolerance for government officials who line their pockets with any of these collected funds!

  6. As long as this project doesn’t end up like the Hooiberg project which was 100% funded by the ATA. Funds were given to a private contractor, but the cement failed within a year and now Aruba DOW is fixing the damage. Mismanagement of tourism dollars is not a good look. Let’s see where the money goes and how long it takes to see action. Greed can be harmful.

  7. Totally agree. I stay in Aruba for four months at a time and I consider Aruba my second home. With all the revenue from the tourists, I’m still wondering why a simple bus shed and a garbage bin on every bus stop are not implemented. The water treatment plant near the Eerasquin Blvd should be relocated as the stench is sometimes untolerable!

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