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Aruba has got a new pilot! Congratulations to Marco Nunes!

Aruba has got a new pilot! Congratulations to Marco Nunes!

Aruba proudly celebrates as Marco Nunes achieves a significant milestone in his aviation career, having successfully passed his first private pilot license. Marco’s journey to becoming a pilot is one marked by dedication, rigorous training, and overcoming various challenges.

Rapid Progress

Marco Nunes managed to achieve the first license within 7 months. The school, located in Miami, Florida, known for its comprehensive pilot training programs and high standards, has a reputation for producing skilled and competent pilots, equipped to handle the demanding nature of the aviation industry.

During this time, he underwent extensive theoretical and practical training, covering a wide range of subjects including aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, and flight operations. The curriculum also included numerous flight hours, where Marco honed his skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Overcoming Challenges

Reflecting on his journey so far, Marco shared, “Leaving home was one of the hardest decisions someone can make, but I knew that staying in my comfort zone wasn’t the best decision either. Moving to Florida had its challenging parts: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Knowing that when you wake up you’re thousands of miles away from your family and loved ones was tough.”

He also spoke about his rigorous preparation for the exam. “At the academy, they prepare you to be at your best for the exam. Before going to any check ride, as a student, you are required to do three stage checks and an end-of-course exam. So, I felt confident going to my actual check ride for my PPL license (Private Pilot License).”

First Impressions

Marco’s first impressions of the academy were positive. “They had all the resources and were well organized,” he noted. However, he also mentioned the challenges he faced. “The most challenging part of my course was being able to keep up with every aspect of flying. I would have to prepare myself before each flying lesson so I could be ahead of the game. If I didn’t prepare myself, I would have a 40% chance of getting unsatisfactory marks for any flight lesson. So, my goal was to always be ahead and to be well prepared before each flight lesson.”

He found certain maneuvers particularly demanding yet exciting. “The most challenging and exciting maneuvers for me would be the ‘Power-off 180.’ Not only are you simulating an engine failure, but you also have to make sure you know how to reach the designated landing point.”

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Marco is eager to continue his training. “Next on the agenda is to get certified as an IFR pilot,” he said. He was quick to acknowledge the support he received along the way. “All of this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the support of my family and loved ones.”

Congratulations to Marco Nunes on this remarkable accomplishment! Aruba looks forward to seeing him soar to even greater heights in his aviation career.



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