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Aruba Government Faces Legal Action Over Foul Odor as Amsterdam Manor Secures Compensation

Aruba Government Faces Legal Action Over Foul Odor as Amsterdam Manor Secures Compensation

In a recent legal development impacting the vibrant island of Aruba, the government is now grappling with the consequences of a protracted battle with Amsterdam Manor, a prominent hotel seeking compensation for years of foul odors and fly infestations linked to the Bubali water purification plant (RWZI).

Background: A Prolonged Struggle

The persistent challenges faced by Amsterdam Manor due to foul odors and unwelcome fly infestations stemming from the RWZI have marred the island’s reputation. Despite recognizing the potential impact on Aruba’s economic standing, the government’s discussions on a viable solution were continually deferred, leaving the hotel and the island’s image tarnished.

In 2022, a budget allocation of 16 million was designated to address the RWZI situation. Strangely, this substantial sum was mysteriously removed from the budget. The court later deemed this action unjust, specifically regarding Amsterdam Manor, and mandated compensation for the hotel’s years of unresolved problems dating back to 2002.

Legal Decision: December 13, 2023

The climax of the legal battle unfolded on December 13, 2023, as the court delivered its final decision. Aruba’s government was found to have acted unjustly by not implementing sufficient measures against the disturbances caused by the RWZI—manifested as foul odors and fly infestations.

Condemnation and Compensation: A Damning Verdict

The court condemned Aruba, demanding compensation for the damages Amsterdam Manor suffered and would continue to endure from 2002 onwards. This compensation encompasses the entire period when the RWZI issues were not rectified. Additionally, it includes the time when an adequate sewage water processing method was not implemented, contributing to the ongoing inconvenience.

Tourists Advised on Recent Developments

Visitors are encouraged to stay informed about these developments, and Aruba’s government has an opportunity to showcase its dedication to creating a pleasant and sustainable environment for all. The legal battle between Amsterdam Manor and the government underscores the significance of addressing these concerns promptly to maintain the island’s appeal.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation that could shape Aruba’s environmental policies and enhance the overall tourist experience.



3 Responses

  1. This situation must be corrected! I’ve lost renters which means I’ve lost income on weeks maintenance fees had to be paid but no renters due to the foul smells and sewage backup tourists have experienced or read about & cancelled their reservations!! I’ve travelled to Aruba since 1997 and the last couple years were not great experiences when you run off a beach due to foul odors!

  2. We love the Amsterdam Manor and stay there whenever we visit Aruba. However, last year the odor was intolerable. Not just at Amsterdam manor. We cannot return until the sewer issue is repaired

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