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Aruba Birdlife Conservation, alongside FPNA and other NGOs, unite to protect Isla di Oro

Aruba Birdlife Conservation, alongside FPNA and other NGOs, unite to protect Isla di Oro

Aruba Conservation Groups Unite to Protect Isla di Oro: Legal Battle Ahead

Aruba Birdlife Conservation (ABC) and the Foundation for Nature Preservation Aruba (FPNA) are teaming up for an important mission to safeguard the natural beauty of Isla di Oro. Together with fellow non-governmental organizations (NGOs), they are gearing up to defend this vital habitat in a legal battle.

A History of Advocacy
Their journey to protect Isla di Oro began in 2012 when ABC appealed to the Aruban parliament to designate Isla di Oro and over twenty other pristine areas as part of Aruba’s National Park. Their plea received unanimous approval, marking a significant victory for conservation efforts on the island. As a result, Isla di Oro and the designated areas became nature reserves and marine conservation zones under the Regional Ordinance on Nature Preservation (ROPV).

In 2023, Isla di Oro received further recognition when it was declared a Ramsar Wetlands Area, highlighting its international significance as a habitat for diverse bird species and wildlife. ABC and its partners remain steadfast in their commitment to protecting this invaluable ecosystem for future generations.

A Commitment to Future Generations
ABC’s mission revolves around preserving natural habitats for the prosperity of future generations. By advocating for the protection of Isla di Oro, they aim to conserve biodiversity and ensure a thriving environment for Aruba’s children and beyond.

As preparations for the legal battle continue, ABC stands firm in its determination to defend Isla di Oro. The organization believes that protecting this natural area is crucial and is ready to take necessary steps to ensure its preservation.

As Aruba strives to balance development with environmental conservation, the collaborative efforts of ABC, FPNA, and other NGOs offer hope for preserving Aruba’s natural treasures. Together, they are committed to upholding the ecological integrity of Isla di Oro and other vital ecosystems, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.



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