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Aruba Airlines Takes a Stand: Cancels Cuba-Nicaragua Flights Amid U.S. Warnings!

Aruba Airlines Takes a Stand: Cancels Cuba-Nicaragua Flights Amid U.S. Warnings!

In a notable move, Aruba Airlines has suspended its flights between Havana and Managua following a stern warning from the United States. The U.S. had issued a caution about imposing sanctions on airlines found to be supporting the migration of Cubans through Nicaragua. Aruba Airlines, along with Conviasa, stood as the sole two airlines persisting with flights between the two countries after various others decided to cancel their routes.

While Aruba Airlines has not officially communicated the reason for the suspension, reports indicate that travel agencies have ceased offering tickets for the Cuba-Nicaragua connection. As a result, only those individuals who had purchased tickets before the route cancellation are now eligible to proceed with their travel plans. This development underscores the airline’s response to the U.S. warning and its impact on the connectivity between Havana and Managua.

In contrast to other airlines adjusting to the U.S. warning, Conviasa has boldly chosen to ignore it, persisting with its flight frequencies between Managua and Havana. The United States Government had announced visa restrictions on airline owners and officials on November 21, aimed at controlling Cuban migration through the Mexico border.

This development has triggered a series of reactions, with several airlines, including Air Century and Sky High, suspending charter flights between Cuba and Nicaragua due to the new visa policy. The impact is palpable, with Aruba Airlines taking a notable stance in response to the U.S. warning.



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