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Aru-parking is back! Some things you should know, so it doesn’t cost you….

Aru-parking is back! Some things you should know, so it doesn’t cost you….

As the government of Aruba decided to resume with Aruparking promising new regulation with a better service.

Parking in the downtown Oranjestad has gone from a chaotic system to a new regulated system. Since the reintroduction of Aruparking last year, with a heavy marketing campaign to make every aware that the program will be starting again. Already the positive effect of this campaign can be seen when it comes to regulated parking in Oranjestad.

During the press conference that took place on Tuesday, 2 May 2023, the Minister of Transport, Mr. Ursell Arends shared information regarding the reintroduction of Aruparking N.V. It was stated that through conversations with different local business owners, Aru-parking received positive feedback and was shown to be a practical addition to the downtown area. Minister Arends also explained that the intention behind reinstating Aruparking is so that the company becomes financially independent and seperate from Arubus.

In the process of reinstating Aruparking, many changes were made in order to improve the system and regulate parking in downtown Oranjestad.

  • 440 additional free parking spaces; 236 at the parking lot behind Arubus main station, 180 on the strip of L.G Smith Boulevard, and 24 in the downtown area of Oranjestad designated for the elder, pregnant women and people with disabilities.
  • Various methods of payments such as; Pay.aw, ArubaBank, Banco di Caribe, Credit Cards, and cash.
  • Introduction of special parking permits for delivery trucks who make deliveries between downtown and counts for business who operate outside the center of Oranjestad.

In order to maintain order, drivers are responsible in knowing where to park and whether they are obtaining the parking regulations. One thing that the public can rest assure with regarding these new parking rules are the use of wheel clamps. These were one of the major concerns for the public in the past, which also resulted in less traffic and visitors to the downtown area. The parking laws will be regulated and enforced through fines for those who do not follow the law or pay for parking.

If an infraction should occur the owner of the vehicle will receive a warning first, by the second infraction a fine will be given, if this fine is not paid, an additional fine will be sent to the owner of the vehicle which left unpaid can result in the impoundment of your vehicle.

Please be aware that if you do not follow the parking rules or park in the designated spaces, or you hinder traffic, Aruparking will tow the car at the owner’s own expense.

For more information on the regulations and services of Aruparking you can contact them directly at +2975202323 or by email info@aruparking.com

The reintroduction of Aruparking in its totality will be implemented and constantly monitored and evaluated at every phase, The minister has emphasized that the cardinal point will remain order, control and mobility.



2 Responses

  1. Instead of so many hotels, etc, the government should consider a parking garage(s) for downtown employees in order to leave more parking for visitors and/or disabled. Aruba just doesn’t seem to be able to properly handle their popularity as a vacation/holiday destination. During our last several visits to the island, we totally avoided the businesses and restaurants in Oranjestad because of the parking problems.

  2. There needs to be a very plain explanation of the parking rules. These rules need to be given to all tourists either at the airport or car rental agencies. There should also be signs explaining the rules all over the island. As a tourist myself, I have been given many conflicting rules from residents and shop keepers throughout the island.

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