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According to the projected planning Baby Beach Project Phase 2 will be completed in the month of April

According to the projected planning Baby Beach Project Phase 2 will be completed in the month of April

#Local Thursday morning the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, held a press conference at Baby Beach. With this opportunity the government official informed the community about the progress of the Phase 2 development of Baby Beach, specifically the new parking area that is currently being built. This whole project is part of the MasterPlan that has been made for the area of Seroe Colorado. Minister Oduber explained that tourists spend a lot of money to vacation on our island, which is why it is important to invest in the development of our island of Aruba. Phase 2 of the Baby Beach Project covers approximately 65,000 square feet of land. 

The minister also informed that if everything goes as planned for phase 2 of the project and is completed, it will be handed over to the contractor group CVC in the month of April. This will initiate phase 3 of the project and will be the final phase before the projected completion that is supposed to happen by the end of 2023. Once the Baby Beach project is complete, they will immediately start with the Rodgers Beach Project, where much like Baby Beach, they will be focusing on more parking spaces, better illumination at night, and the addition of kiosks. The minister informed that the funds for these projects have already been allocated through the Tourism Product Enhancement Fund (TPEF). 

All the projects will ensure improvement for our island near all beach areas while also keeping in mind the importance of preserving nature, therefore improving these areas while remaining sustainable. 

In phase 2 of the Baby Beach project which is currently being executed, a new parking area is being constructed, better street lights are being placed, as well as the construction of a new round-about which is all a part of phase 2. There will be two new public bathrooms created for all visitors, as well as the addition of two new kiosks which will serve as a bar and restaurant serving local drinks and food native to the island of Aruba. In the coming months, the government expects to start with phase 3 which will include the renovation of two tennis courts, creating a multi-functional court that caters to beach tennis, beach volleyball and soccer. The gazebo between the two new tennis courts will be made into a restaurant and will renew the steps next to these with mosaic tiles. The turtle wall will also be pushed further back to create more space for the beach. 

Tourism is the driving force in our economy therefore its development and improvement remains a top priority for the island. Soon the city of San Nicolas will also receive its fair share of improvements and renovations once everything is completed in the Seroe Colorado development. 

Minister Oduber will continue to execute all plans for the constant renovation of our Aruba. 



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