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A.T.A. launches “Voices of Tourism” to Inspire the New Generation in the Tourism Industry

A.T.A. launches “Voices of Tourism” to Inspire the New Generation in the Tourism Industry

With great pleasure, the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) emphasizes our youth during November. This is done through the “Voices of Tourism,” an inspiring campaign designed to cultivate interest, commitment, and passion among students in the hospitality industry. This campaign targets students of vocational and higher education institutions, including the E.P.B., E.P.I, and the University of Aruba, who represent a significant portion of the current and future workforce and leaders in the tourism industry in Aruba.

The campaign is directed at students who have chosen to study in the hospitality sector. Some young individuals are already working in the industry. A.T.A. believes that it is of utmost importance to ensure that students remain motivated to truly engage in their studies and continue to equip themselves with knowledge and aspects that contribute to the necessary mindset for working in the tourism industry or any other industry. In addition to their studies, A.T.A. dedicates a special moment to our students annually through presentations featuring various speakers, among others. This year, our focus is on November through “Voices of Tourism.”

The campaign will consist of two different initiatives, both aimed at engaging, educating, and inspiring students. One of them involves launching a series of videos and interviews with former students who studied hospitality in Aruba and are now professionals in the hospitality industry. In these videos, these professionals share their journeys, expertise, and valuable advice. The campaign will conclude with a special event featuring A.T.A. and an international speaker who will motivate students to reflect on their purpose and growth, and how to embrace challenges and learn from various situations to unlock their full potential.

A special thanks to former students Reuella Reeberg – Director of Human Resources Operations at Marriott Aruba, Eliana Fun – Director of Sales at Embassy Suites by Hilton, and Minerva Flemming FBO Manager at JET-TNCA for their participation in the “Voices of Tourism” campaign.

With this initiative, A.T.A. aims to contribute to the development of professionals who are not only environmentally responsible but also create positive change through sustainable cultivation, cultural preservation, and a sense of responsibility for the shared environment and community. This initiative complements other initiatives by A.T.A. that focus on our youth, such as collaboration with the University of Aruba and various primary schools where teachers have tourism-related materials and educate our children on this subject.

A.T.A. extends a warm invitation to all students to participate in the Voices of Tourism campaign. Follow the social media pages of the Aruba Tourism Authority to view the videos that will be released throughout November. Together, we can create a brighter future for Aruba in the tourism industry.



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